100th Event FAQs

1. The fee is $23 per person. What do we get for our money?

This is an all-inclusive event! For $23, each person attending will receive a tote bag to carry all the free items provided by over 150 exhibitors, a special keepsake, and an event patch. All activities, such as rock-climbing walls, bounce houses, and lots more, along with the huge main stage show with fabulous singing talent, are included in the cost. Food is not included. (See question 2 below.)

2. Is food provided in the fee?

No, Cal Expo is creating some $5.00 meal deals (details will be provided in your information packet), along with normal “fair” food. You may also bring your own food and “tailgate” in the Cal Expo parking lot. Food items from home are not allowed inside Cal Expo.

3. My troop won’t have a lot of money in our troop checking account until March. How do we pay for this event?

Do a cookie sales budget so you know how much money will be earned during the cookie sale. The more money your troop earns, the more money you will have to spend on the 100th event. Girls can plan a garage sale or a recycling project to earn money for the tickets. Be creative! This is a once-in-a-lifetime event; you don’t want to miss it! There is priority seating for your assigned main stage show available to troops/groups that register by Wednesday, Feb. 29.

4. Can my entire family attend or is this only for girls?

Yes, this is a family event. Siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all invited. There will be lots of hands-on activities for all ages. Children under 2 are free.  This event is NOT open to the general public so your family can have a great time in a safe environment. There is an amazing Ultra Lounge just for older girls, so don’t miss that!

5. The girls in my troop want to be Program Aides? How do we sign up?

There will be more information coming mid-January about Program Aides (we are calling them Event Aides) at this event. We want all girls to enjoy the event, so Event Aide shifts are only 90 minutes long. Details and sign-up information will be posted on the council website, in the Service Unit Liaison Newsletter, and at your monthly leader meetings in the next two weeks. All Event Aides and volunteers need to pay to attend the event.

6. Does it cost to park at Cal Expo?

Yes, there is a $10 fee. We encourage you to carpool.

7. Are there specific instructions for those with disabilities?

Those with disabled person stickers on their cars pay the same $10 to park at Cal Expo as others. There is no discount. However, there are plenty of disabled person parking spots near the entrance to the event.  

Neither wheelchairs nor electric carts are available for use at Cal Expo.Those are provided by a separate vendor during the State Fair and are not available for our event. Please plan to bring your own equipment.

8. I heard there are contests at the event. How do I find out about them?

Head to the council website, www.girlscoutshcc.org, click on the 100th icon and check them out. If you want to sing, give a speech, create a beautiful photograph, build a strong bridge out of Popsicle sticks and more, it’s all on the website. Be part of the event—sign up today to participate in one of these fun contests.

9. Can I register online?

No, simply print the registration form—available at your leader meeting and on the council website—enclose money for registration, and that’s it! Be sure to register all girls together to assure you can sit together at the main stage show. Simple!

10. When do I get my tote and information packet?

This information will be ready for pick up March 1 either at the Elvas Ave. Program Center, Modesto Office, or at your monthly leader meeting. Unfortunately, due to the size of these packets, we cannot mail them to you.

11. I hear there is going to be some great singing entertainment on the main stage. Who is performing?

Yes, we have arranged for three singing talents to be on the main stage at Cal Expo for your enjoyment. Coco Jones, a Disney sensatio;, Teresa, a Girl Scout favorite; and The Sledge Grits, a rockin’ all-sister band,. You will be assigned a show time, so be sure to register as a group if you all want to attend the same show.  And the council horses will be on hand as part of the show.

12. Should I wait to register until April?

No, space is limited so register now. Be sure to register all in your troop as a group in order to get into the same main stage show. If you register by February 29, your group will receive priority seating at your assigned main stage show!

13. How do I volunteer to work this event? What do I get for my efforts?

The majority of shifts are 90 minutes in length; we want you to enjoy the event. We do have a limited need for volunteers willing to work 4- or 8-hour shifts.
For a 90-minute volunteer shift you will receive an event bandanna that will identify your position.
For a 4-hour shift, you will receive an event bandanna and an identification lanyard.
For an 8-hour shift, you will receive an event bandanna, an identification lanyard, an event T-shirt and free event admittance


If you are interested in volunteering, contact 100@girlscoutshcc.org   



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