Sponsor a Horse FAQ

Q: Who can sponsor a horse?

A: Anyone! A troop, family, business, or an individual can sponsor a horse of their choosing. One picture and one copy of the newsletter will be sent. Recognition will be given in our newsletter to new sponsors.


Q: Can more than one person sponsor the same horse?

A: Yes. Lots of girls ride our horses and everyone has a favorite. By allowing several groups to adopt each horse, we can better provide experiences through our horse programs.


Q: If I sponsor a horse, will my daughter get to ride that horse at camp or at horse programs?

A: You can ask for that horse either at camp rides or at a horse program. However, horses are assigned to riders based on size, ability, and the activities during the lesson, so we may not be able to accommodate your request.


Q: Can I visit the horse I sponsor?

A: The best way to visit our horses is by attending a horse program, or while attending Camp Menzies during the summer. Otherwise, the horses live in a pasture on a private ranch that is not easily accessible. 


Q: Is my sponsorship tax deductible?

A: Your sponsorship fee is tax deductible to the extent of the law. Please contact your tax advisor for more information.


Q: Where does my money go? How does it help the horse program? 

A: Your sponsorship help defray the costs of caring for the horses, updating equipment, special feeds and medicines, veterinarian visits, and other unexpected costs. Here is a breakdown of some approximate typical costs for horses:
$7-8 – cost of one bale of hay (this feeds one horse for one week)
$20 – new halter and lead rope
$40 – one new horseback riding helmet
$60 – cost for one farrier service (getting shoes put on one horse)
$100 – annual vaccines for one horse
$200 - $300 – a Western saddle
$500 – emergency vet visit for a sick or injured horse


Q: Can I give more than $30 to a horse?

A: Absolutely. For donations greater than $100, please contact horses@girlscoutshcc.org for more information about our corporate sponsors.


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