What is a Girl Scout Juliette?

A Girl Scout Juliette is a girl who participates in Girl Scouts as an individual member. It is named in honor of the founder of Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low. Today's girls may sometimes find it hard to fit all their desired activities into their busy schedule. If you are a Girl Scout who does not wish to join a troop, or are unable to find a troop that meets at a convenient time or place, you can still be a Girl Scout!

If you choose to be a Girl Scout Juliette, you can participate in special events, earn awards, camp, and even sell Girl Scout Cookies! You can select as many or as few activities that interest you and fir your schedule.

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What can a Girl Scout Juliette Do?

Attend Program Events and Trainings

As a Girl Scout Juliette you can select from hundreds of cool events offered through the council’s event calendar. The calendar is available online at www.girlscoutshcc.org.


Enjoy Day and Resident Camp

As a Girl Scout Juliette you will receive brochures for both day and resident camps, where you can choose from many fun camping experiences.


Earn Awards

Some Girl Scout Juliettes like to earn awards. Girl Scout Daisies can earn Learning Petals. Girl Scout Brownies can earn badges. Girl Scout Juniors can earn badges, the Junior Aid Patch and the Girl Scout Bronze Award. Older girls can earn badges, and/or the Girl Scout Gold Award and Girl Scout Silver Award. Each grade level can also earn Journey Awards. Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting containing requirements for awards can be purchased at the Girl Scout Shop or online at www.girlscoutshcc.org.


Participate in Service Unit Activities

Since Girl Scouts Heart of Central California serves 18 counties, this large area is divided into 60 smaller areas called service units. These smaller volunteer-led units host a variety of events and activities throughout the year for girls in your community.


Participate in Product Programs

The Fall Magazine and Nuts Program starts in October and the Girl Scout Cookie Program starts in January. Girls receive incentives for participating in product programs. Information on how a Girl Scout Juliette participates is mailed prior to each program. Any profit is deposited into the fund for Girl Scout Juliettes to offset the cost of mailings and recognitions earned by the Girl Scout Juliettes.


Join Color Guard

The Girl Scouts Heart of Central California Color Guard participates in various parades, festivals and ceremonies throughout the year. Each participant decides how involved she would like to be with the program and how many events she would like to attend.

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How To Become a Juliette

Step 1 Registration:

Complete the Girl Scout registration form. Submit the registration form with the $15.00 annual Girl Scouts of the USA membership dues to Girl Scouts Heart of Central California. Financial assistance is available.

Step 2 Choose an Advisor (optional):

Your adult advisor can be anyone who would like to support you in pursuing your interests in Girl Scouts. Some common choices are parents, adult siblings, neighbors, or family friends. You can also choose to work with the council’s Girl Scout Juliette advisor. To reach her, e-mail Juliettes@girlscoutshcc.org or call 800-322-4475 and ask to speak with the Program Specialist in charge of the Girl Scout Juliette program.

Step 3 Explore:

Once you have registered, you are a Girl Scout. Now comes the exciting part of deciding which events you would like to attend, which awards you would like to work on, and which other programs you want to take part in. Your only limit is your time and imagination.

Questions? Contact info@girlscoutshcc.org