Bridge to Girl Scout Senior Award

Step up to Senior!

Are you ready to embrace new adventures? Are you ready to say yes to new challenges? Then, step up to Girl Scout Seniors, where you'll find opportunities to do all that and more!

First up: Leadership—it's what Girl Scouts is all about! When you're a Senior, your opportunities to develop your leadership skills and strive for change in the real world will expand. You'll have a choice of three inspiring new journeys: GirlTOPIA, Sow What?, and Circles of Sisterhood (coming in December 2010).

You can take on a larger role within the Girl Scouts as well. You could become a member of a teen board or represent your Council as a delegate to the National Council Session. You could even be selected to serve as a GSUSA National Girl Consultant.

Now that you're in high school, you can also be active in the Girl Scout Advocacy Network, a group that advocates for change on behalf of girls by promoting issues in Congress and state legislatures.

What else does the world of Girl Scouts Seniors offer? Lots of adventure! You can try all sorts of new experiences – mountain biking, doing yoga, rock climbing, volunteering at the Special Olympics or touring an art gallery.

If you yearn to travel, check out the Girl Scout destinations tailored for Seniors and above. You could explore Belize, come face to face with a Beluga whale in the Arctic, jet to India trek through the Amazon rainforest or race dog sleds in during the Wisconsin winter.

You're sure to meet other Girl Scout teens and make some new friends along the way!


Earning the Award

To earn the Bridge to Girl Scout Senior Award, complete two steps. In the process you'll pass down something you learned to a younger Girl Scout and look forward to what's waiting for you at the next level.


Bridging Step One: Pass It On!

Share your talents and skills by teaching younger Girl Scouts one thing you learned to do as a Cadette.
You're excited about what lies ahead for you as a Girl Scout Senior. But, before you move on, you have a chance to inspire all those Girl Scout Juniors excited about bridging to Girl Scout Cadettes. Let them know how much fun is in store for them! What about younger girls who aren't Girl Scouts yet? Maybe your story will inspire them to join! And, don't forget the adults out there—in your community, at school or in the state legislature. Share with them how Girl Scouting helps girls.

Think about your most memorable moments as a Girl Scout Cadette and find a way to share them with others. Use one of these ideas to start you off, or come up with your own. You only have to do one to complete the step.

  • Take a group of Girl Scout Juniors to your favorite local hiking spot; demonstrate something you've learned about outdoor safety and talk to them about Leave No Trace. Or, tell them about your group's most memorable adventure and teach them your favorite Girl Scout tradition. Inspire them to climb up to be a Girl Scout Cadette!
  • Did you earn a Girl Scout Silver Award? Make a PowerPoint Presentation or build a Web site and talk a group of Girl Scout Juniors through your project. Be sure to let them know how you or your team got through the tough times and how much fun you had along the way!
  • Organize a workshop for your community center, library or local council using what you've learned on a journey. Invite Girl Scout Juniors to the presentation. Make sure you save some time so they can ask you questions and so you can tell them about all the great things waiting for them if they become Girl Scout Cadettes.


Bridging Step Two: Look Ahead!

Find out What Girl Scout Seniors Do
Go straight to the source! Ask your friends in your local area or go online and connect with Girl Scout Seniors around the country to learn what you can do when you step up to Senior. Use one of the suggestions below, or come up with your own. You only have to do one to complete the step. Here's some ideas to get you started:

  • As a Girl Scout Senior, you can take part in all global travel opportunities offered by the Girl Scouts. Find out through you local council if any Girl Scout Seniors in your area have traveled internationally or to a national conference. Ask them the best way to learn more about the opportunities Girl Scouts can offer, across the country and around the world. Learn more about the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and forums at the four World Centers or take a look at GSUSA resources such as The Girl Scout Guide to Global Travel.
  • Plan a weekend or overnight trip with some Girl Scout Seniors and ask them to take you their favorite canoeing, horseback riding or surfing spot. Make sure you find out what they have enjoyed most about being Girl Scout Seniors and ask them to share their favorite Girl Scout traditions!
  • If you're interested in earning your Girl Scout Gold Award, connect with Girl Scout Seniors already working on a project—whether online, on the phone or in person—and get some advice on how to choose from among all your great ideas. You've probably got a lot by now!
  • Find out about council and national delegate opportunities for Girl Scouts. What does it take to represent your council as a national delegate? How do you become a member of your council board? Can you serve on a girl advisory team?


Plan a Ceremony

Congratulations! You've earned your Bridge to Girl Scout Senior Award! Celebrate with a favorite ceremony or invent a new one. Then add your Bridging patch to your sash or vest. For more ideas, visit Bridging Ceremonies.
If you go online, remember to sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge.