Resident Camp


Our equipment list is provided as a guide.  Amounts should be adjusted according to the number of days and the time of summer. The nights in June and early July can be cold.

Click here to print the equipment list

Click here to print the Travel Camp equipment list

Click here to print the Two of Us equipment list

Due to transportation limitations please limit luggage to:

1.  One suitcase, backpack or duffel bag             
2.  One sleeping bag           
3.  One small bag or daypack

The camp will provide four to eight person tents and mattresses for girls staying in tent camping units or attending travel camp programs.  Girls may also bring their own tent from home.

Clothing Guidelines

For Safety Reasons: We require campers to wear sleeved shirts to prevent sunburn; please DO NOT send halter tops or tank tops. Campers are also required to wear sturdy fully enclosed shoes with a back at all times except when sleeping, grooming or at waterfront areas. We recommend hiking boots or tennis shoes. Campers MAY NOT wear crocs, clogs, etc.

Mark all items with your camper’s name.  Clothing should be made of sturdy and washable fabric.  Girls and their clothes will get quite dirty, so old clothes are best.  As hard as one tries, camp dirt never seems to come out.  To assist your camper in returning home with the same belongings she brings to camp, you may wish to tape an equipment list inside her bag. 

Please leave the following at home:

Cell phones

Halter, sleeveless or tank tops

Spray cans

Sandals or backless shoes

Glass bottles

Foot lockers

Valuable jewelry, watches, rings, necklaces

Money (we have no camp store to purchase items)


Televisions, radios and computers

Food, snacks, and gum

Hand held video games

Expensive cameras

CD’s, DVD’s, MP-3 players, and ipods

Personal Sports Equipment


We do not have the capability of storing these items for safe keeping at camp.

Campers will be exposed to mosquitoes during their stay at camp.  Campers can take several steps to minimize the number of mosquito bites they get and the risk of West Nile Virus.  It is recommended that your camper wear long sleeves and long pants at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.  They should also bring non-aerosol insect repellent that contains 10-30% DEET.  Camp counselors will make every effort to remind campers to apply repellent throughout the day. 


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