How to Register

Great! You have found a day camp you want to attend. Now what? Well, you will need to register as a camper or Program Aide, depending on the grade you will be entering next year and what is available to you at the day camp you plan on attending. Adults can register as volunteers using the adult registration packet.
Step 1-Download the appropriate registration packet (girl, program aide, or adult) and complete in its entirety. Don’t forget to check each page for required signatures. Click here to download registration forms.
What needs to be in your Registration Packet:

  • ONE copy of the Day Camp Registration form
  • Transportation form
  • Health Information form
  • Consent to administer to a minor form
  • Business-sized self-addressed stamped envelope

Step 2- Look at the flier for the camp you wish to attend. Find the How to Register box- this will tell you who to make your check out to and who to send your paperwork and check/money order (no cash please) to. Click here to view the individual day camp fliers.
Each day camp has their own person who handles the registration for their camp.  Sending your registration packet to the Girl Scout Heart of Central California office will delay your registration; and consequently, you may miss the registration deadline.

Registration for day camp opens on March 1, 2014. Registrations received before the opening date will be held and processed on March 1.



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