Girl Scout Silver Award

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette (girls in grades six through eight) can earn. This leadership award involves completing a Cadette Journey, researching and identifying community issues, and developing and implementing a 50 hour project that addresses a valid need outside the Girl Scout community. Girls can work on this award individually or in small groups (3-4 girls). Once completed, each girl fills out a final report that reflects her specific contributions to the project.

GSUSA’s requirements for this award only require project approval from a girl’s advisor for her to begin working on the Take Action project.

The absence of a proposal that comes to the council means that more responsibility falls on the project advisor to make sure all Girl Scout guidelines are being followed when executing a project. Please review the advisor agreement below before starting on the project to ensure project success. Girls may also want to download the proposal questions, budget, and time line worksheets to submit to their adviser when seeking their approval.

Click here to get these worksheets.

It is suggested that girls build a team of advisors. The team should include people who understand Girl Scout guidelines as well as community members who have knowledge of the issue being addressed by the project.

All of the requirements for the Silver Award must be met before bridging to Girl Scout Seniors. However, earning a Silver Award is not a prerequisite for the Girl Scout Gold Award.



Girls whose final reports are received by March 20 will be invited to that year’s council recognition.


Steps to Earn the Girl Scout Silver Award

Girls have to complete one Girl Scout Cadette Journey as the pre-requisite for this award. Upon deciding to earn the Girl Scout Silver Award, put the following steps in motion:

  1. Girls should begin in sixth grade by completing any Girl Scout Cadette Journey, this usually takes approximately 4-6 months to complete.
  2. Starting in seventh grade, girls will be ready to start identifying issues that affect their community and research those issues to discover the root cause, i.e. what is causing the problem. Now is a good time to take the Take Action award training for girls and their advisors.
  3. During their seventh and eighth grade years girls should develop and implement a 50 hour Take Action project. Girls have until Sept. 30 of the beginning of their freshman year (9th grade) in high school to turn in the final report to council.
  4. If a Girl Scout is planning an event for her project, it is mandatory that she take the Prepare 2B Ready class.
  5. Risk management paperwork and an event intent form need to be turned in to their Volunteer Management Specialist AND the Awards Program Specialist at least 3 weeks before their event.
  6. Additional insurance is mandatory for any event that includes non-Girl Scout participants and must be purchased using the additional insurance form. Insurance must be purchased at least 3 weeks before an event.


Need Additional Help?

GSUSA has created workbooks to help everyone stay on track while progressing through the award. These can be found in the Girl Scout Cadette Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting or can be download below for both girls and adults. Please be aware that these guides are put out by GSUSA and might not reflect all GSHCC council requirements for this award.

Click here to download the workbooks for advisor and girls.

Take Action Award Training classes give girls and adults a basic overview of the award requirements, ideas for building successful award projects, and guidance on GSHCC guidelines and regulations. Classes are now available. Training is not required but highly recommended, as the advisor has more responsibility in overseeing the Girl Scout Silver Award project under the new guidelines. 

Click here to register as a girl.

Click here to register as an adult.

Email or call 800.322.4475 and ask to speak to the Awards Program Specialist.


Important Deadlines!

  • March 20: Deadline to submit your Girl Scout Silver Award new online project report in order to participate in that year’s council recognition. (Reports received after this date will be recognized at next year’s ceremony.)
  • September 30 of the year you enter 9th grade: The absolute last day to turn in the Girl Scout Silver Award project report in order to be recognized as having earned the Girl Scout Silver Award by Girl Scouts of the USA.



A final report needs to be turned in upon completion of their project to the Awards Program Specialist at the Program Center in Sacramento. Please use the paperwork found on our council’s website as it includes additional pages not included in the paperwork found in the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting or GSUSA’s website. NEW- Final Reports can now be submitted online!

Click here to link to the new online Girl Scout Silver Award final report, advisor agreement, budget worksheet, time line worksheet, and proposal questions worksheet.


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