The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouts

What comes in the Girl’s Guide?

  • Handbook
  • Legacy Badges
  • Financial Literacy Badges
  • Cookie Business Badges
  • My Girl Scouts

What can you add in?

  • Skill—Building Badge sets tied to the Journeys

What about Daisies?

  • They earn the Promise Center and Petals, not badges
  • They earn Financial Literacy and Cookie Business Leaves

What about Ambassadors?

  • They have everything except extra Skill-Building Badge sets

What awards are new?

  • My Promise, My Faith (does not replace faith awards currently in use)
  • Journey Summit award
  • Volunteer in Training

What’s being updated?

  • Safety Awards
  • CIT, Program Aide
  • Troop Crests

National Proficiency Badge Categories

Legacy: Engage girls in topics that have been important since 1912—and are still relevant to girls today.
Financial Literacy: Teach girls how to use money wisely. Can be earned each year.
Cookie business: Put girls’ financial literacy skills into practice during the Girl Scout Cookie Sale. Can be earned each year.
Skill building: Build skills in many areas of interest to girls. Requirement pages for sets of five badges that complement journeys will be sold for adding in to the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.
Make Your Own: Girls can explore personal interests by creating and completing one badge of their very own each year.

Remember! Girl Scouts also choose a National Leadership Journey and earn the corresponding awards.



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