The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting FAQ's

When can we get the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (GGGS) books?
Our first two orders sold out. Additional books are on order.

Are the Journeys discontinued?
Absolutely not. Journey books are the core leadership program books for all levels in Girl Scouting. There are also new skill building badges linked to each journey available as an option. A set of five badges to complement each journey will be available to purchase, these pages of requirements can be added to the GGGS binders.

I heard the handbooks and badge books were discontinued?
The Daisy Leader's Guide, Girl Scout Brownie handbook and badge book, Girl Scout Junior handbook and badge book, and Girl Scout 11-17 Interest Projects are discontinued. There is a one year transition period, the 2011-2012 membership year, for earning badges in these books. Studio2B books and materials were discontinued in 2009.

Are all the old badges discontinued?
Girl Scout Brownie Try-its, Girl Scout Junior badges, and Girl Scout 11-17 Interest Projects have been retired in Fall 2011 with all new badges for all levels. The Girl Scout Daisy Promise Circle and Learning Petals have been retained with more robust requirements for the petals and 4 new leaves for financial literacy and cookies.

What if I need one of those retired badges?
The shop will work cooperatively with volunteers to get what is needed. Be prepared and allow for time to find awards. If your girls are planning to work on certain badges, you may want to purchase them now.

What do I do until the Girl Guides to Girl Scouting and the Skill Badge sets are available?
Journey books. There are 3 per grade level. Journeys are the core program for Girl Scouts and provide the keys to leadership. You do not need the new Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting book to use the Journey books.

What do the new books look like and cost?
The new Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting books are three-ring binders. There is one for each grade level: Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador. The books have three parts: a handbook, an awards section and a section called “My Girl Scouts.” The price of the binder will be $22.50, approximately what the handbook/ badge book sets were. We have a lower introductory rate of $16.33 through March 2012.

When will new insignia placement diagrams be available?
Diagrams are included in The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting at each level. They are also available on the council shop portion of our website.

Do badges come with the Skill Building Badge Activity Sets?
No, these packets do not include the physical badges.

How many Skill-Building Activity sets are there and why are they sold separately?
There are sets for each journey: Three sets for each level from Brownie through Senior, with five badges per set. They are sold separately to allow girls more choice to customize their Girl Scout experience while keeping down their costs. We expect there will be additional sets at some point in the future and girls will then have the option to add those to their binders.

Are the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Award requirements in The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting?
Yes, the requirements are included at the appropriate level. GSHCC requests girls earning the GS Silver and Gold Awards use our council’s forms.

Are the troop crests to be carried over from one grade level to the next?
Yes, the intent is to keep the same crest as girls progress from Brownies through Ambassadors. A description of the symbolism of the troop crests is included in the GGGS.