Workplace Giving

Matching Gift Programs
Many employers have matching gift programs where they will match any charitable contribution made by their employees.  Many also have matching gift programs based on volunteer hours worked, by an employee, for a specific charity. Before you make your next contribution, please check with your human resources office and ask if the company offers a matching gift program that may include Girl Scouts Heart of Central California.

Employee Workplace Donations
When the annual United Way Staff Giving Campaign comes to your work place, don’t forget to designate Girl Scouts Heart of Central California to receive your donation. This may be your sole contribution to Girl Scouts during the year and it is very much appreciated.  The donation can be made through cash, check, credit card or through payroll deductions, which is a very simple and convenient way to donate.
Also, many employers match these gifts so please check with your human resources office to see if your company is a matching contributor.

We accept donations through not only United Way – but also company organized employee campaigns including:

  • HP Global Philanthropy of Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation
  • Kaiser Permanente Community Giving
  • Macy's West G.I.F.T
  • Pasco Foundation
  • AT&T

Download an "I Support Girl Scouts" badge for your Facebook page. This will show all of your friends that you are a proud supporter of Girl Scouts.