Individual Donors

Thank you to the following individuals for their generous support of GSHCC.

Annual Fund Supporters

Mr. John Allen
Ms. Deborah Bailey
Ms. Jacquelyn Barnett
Mrs. Ann and Mr. Stephen Beede
Mrs. Jeanne and Mr. Bill Bradley
Larkin Breed
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Lawrence Broeren
Mrs. Marguerite and Mr. Corey Brown
Mr. Jason Bumgardner
Mrs. Andrea and Mr. David Burns
Mrs. Julie and Mr. Kevin Calderwood
Mr. Robert Canady
Mrs. Beth and Mr. James Carlsen
Mrs. Genie and Mr. Scott Churchill
Ms. Megan Cochrane
Ms. Fredrica Cooper
Mrs. Carol Hegler Cox and Mr. Gary Cox
Mrs. Lynne and Mr. Glen Cunningham
Mr. Richard D'Arezzo
Ms. Margaret H. De Riggi
Mrs. Kathryn and Mr. Paul Dungan
Ms. Diane Fishburn
Mrs. Ada and Mr. Terril Flanagan
Ms. Elaine Franco
Mrs. Kenni and Mr. Louis Friedman
Mrs. Carol and Mr. David Gaberel
Mr. Dan Garrett
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Mark Geery
Ms. Corinne Hamby
Mrs. Jessica and Mr. Justin Hess
Ms. Judy Hinkle
Mrs. Diane and Mr. Michael Houlton
Ms. Gladys Ikeda
Ms. Janet Johnstone
Mrs. Mary Ellen Jones
Ms. Kathy Kerdus
Mrs. Katie and Mr. Randall Kilgore
Ms. Kathleen and Mr. Andy Kingsbury
Mrs. Shirley and Mr. William Kirby
Mrs. Phyllis and Mr. Robert Koenig
Ms. Victoria Kosha

Mrs. Theresa and Mr. Steven Krouse
Ms. Carol Liberato
Mrs. Betty and Mr. John Lucas
Ms. Dolores Maher
Ms. Mary W. Maynard
Mrs. Martha and Mr. Foster Maxwell
Mrs. Monica and Mr. Joseph McConologue
Ms. Barbara Moore
Ms. Diane and Mr. Jim Morgali
Ms. Cris Morgan
Ms. June Nicolson
Ms. Joann Nixon
Mrs. Phyllis Parks
Ms. Trish Pease
Ms. Angela Pedroncelli
Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Charles Pomicpic
Ms. Harriet Prato
Mrs. Barby and Mr. Carl Pulliam
Ms. Nelly Salazar de Quijada and Mr. Pablo Quijada
Mrs. Julie and Mr. Kim Saugstad
Ms. Doris Scanlon
Ms. Marina Schwed
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Douglas Shaw
Ms. Moira Siswoyo and Mr. James Tan
Ms. Gloria Stemler
Ms. Devon Stewart
Mrs. Ann and Mr. Gary Stone
Ms. Cheron Stresen-Reuter
Mrs. Caryl and Mr. W. H. Summers
Mrs. Shawna and Mr. Darryl Thompson
Mr. John Tonnesen
Mrs. Lori and Mr. Bill Towne
Thuy Tresner
Ms. Suzanne Trimble
Mrs. Sally and Mr. Richard Tuttle
Mrs. Grace and Mr. Tom Van Groningen
Ms. Virginia Walker
Mrs. Sue and Mr. Lee Whitmer
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Ronald Williamson

Financial Assistance Fund Supporters

Ms. Doris Alexis
Ms. Melza and Mr. Ted Barr
Ms. Ann Bean
Ms. Loellen Bonser
Ms. Christine Brereton
Ms. Loraine Browning
Ms. Susan Kay Christensen
Ms. Barbara Cook
Ms. Barbara Cordero Hill
Ms. Joanne and Mr. John Daniels
Ms. Ann Doersch and Ms. Stephanie Monzon
Ms. Linda E. Farley Ed. D.
Mrs. Natalie and Mr. Tod Furtado
Mrs. Carol and Mr. David Gaberel
Mr. Dan Garrett
Ms. Debi Glover and Ms. Celeste Wheeler
Ms. Kathleen Hackett
Ms. Lori Hansen
Ms. Susan Harmon
Ms. Connie Harris
Ms. Diane and Mr. Daniel Herteg
Mrs. Jill and Mr. Paul Hester
Ms. Ann Hildebrand
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. David Huggins
Ms. H. Emilia Jankowski
Mrs. Linda and Mr. John Joranco
Ms. Kathleen and Mr. Andy Kingsbury
Knights of Columbus Council #13672
Ms. Moni and Mr. Gregory Kondos
Mrs. Elaine and Mr. Lyle Lederer
Ms. Tara Lewis
Mrs. Rachel and Mr. Chris Mandelke
Ms. Sharon Margetts
Ms. Mary Winifred Maynard
Ms. Colleen McCarthy
Ms. Monica and Mr. Joseph McConologue

Ms. Fannie McCoy
Ms. Carlin and Mr. Jim Naify
Ms. Gail Nelson
Ms. June Nicolson
Mr. Michael O’Connor and Ms. Peggy Sledboda
Mrs. Donna and Mr. Raymond Olsson
Ms. Janet Ott
Mr. Alton Peters
Mrs. Audrey and Richard Pland
Ms. Christina Plassas
Ms. Joyce and Mr. Chuck Pomicpic
Ms. Randy Roberts and Ms. Rachel Tooker
Ms. Judy Robinson
Mrs. Stephanie and Mr. Brian Rubinstein
Ms. Claudette Russell
Ms. Tracey and Mr. Christopher Russell
Ms. Nelly Salazar de Quijada and Mr. Pablo Quijada
Ms. Doris Scanlon
Ms. Marina Schwed
Mrs. Margery and Mr. Richard Shunk
Ms. Sharon and Mr. Gary Silkman
Mrs. Diane and Mr. Ronald Smith
Mr. Paul Snider
Mrs. Medora and Mr. Daniel Sobottka
Ms. Joyce Starkey
Ms. Thelma Stewart
Ms. Shannon Suo
Ms. Sylvia Thacker
Mrs. Denise and Mr. Donald Timmons
Mrs. Ann and Mr. David Wallace
Ms. Yvonne and Mr. David Williams
Ms. Charlotte Williams
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Ronald Williamson