The Representative Assembly (Assembly) is the body of all voting members of the Council. As a Representative, you are the communication link bringing policy ideas and information from the membership to the Board of Directors on the governance side of the Council.  You also elect members and officers of the Board, and delegates to the National Council.  

What is Governance

The process by which the Board of Directors, led by its Chair, uses its authority to ensure organizational stability and fulfillment of the Girl Scout mission by providing leadership, strategic direction, policy making and fiduciary oversight for the council.

Click here for a description of the Council Structure

Click here for a description of the Governance Structure

Two-Way Communication

Representatives are information-gatherers; you are a link to the members of the Council. Read more about two-way communication.  



For more information please call the council office at (800) 322-4475 or (916) 452-9181 or e-mail us at

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