Representative Assembly

What is the Assembly?

The Representative Assembly (Assembly) is the body of all voting members of the Council.  The Assembly members are responsible for electing the Board of Directors and National Council Delegates, providing input for policy decisions and amending the bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Who are the Assembly members?

The Assembly consists of the following members:

  • Two Representatives from each service unit, appointed by the Service Unit Manager.  Each service unit has the option of designating one Alternate Representative.
  • Up to 10 girls-at-large from throughout the Council.  These Representatives are selected by the Board Representative Committee via an application process.
  • Up to 18 National Council Delegates, who are elected every three years by the Assembly.
  • Directors-At-Large and elected officers of the council.

Responsibilities of Assembly members


  • Elect other members of the Representative Assembly who include the officers of the Council, the Board of Directors, and the delegates to the National Council of Girl Scouts of the USA.
  • Attend all Representative Assembly meetings including the Annual Meeting and Regional Forums. Report concerns and decisions of the Assembly and the Board of Directors to the service unit members via service team or service unit leader meetings.
  • Amend the articles of incorporation and bylaws as necessary.
  • Participate in any other business that may come before the Representative Assembly.
  • Influence the general lines of direction for Girl Scouting locally by:  receiving and acting upon reports of the Board of Directors, giving guidance to the Board of Directors, responding to opinion surveys, and actively participating in discussions.
  • Be responsive to requests from the Board Representative Committee.

How members are selected

Members of the Assembly are selected in different ways:

  • Two Representatives from each service unit are appointed by the Service Unit Manager. Service Unit Managers may also designate one Alternate Representative.
  • National Council Delegates are elected every three years by the Representative Assembly at the Annual Meeting.
  • The Board of Directors are elected by the Representative Assembly at the Annual Meeting.
  • Up to ten “girls-at-large” from throughout the council may be selected via an application process by the Board Representative Committee. For more information about the girls-at-large membership click here.

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Process to submit proposals

The Board Representative Committee will serve as facilitators of proposals and are available to assist in formulation of proposals and contact information.  The necessary forms are in the Representative Manual. For questions regarding contact information for other Service Unit Representatives email Service Unit Managers are also a source of contact information.

Process to submit proposals to the Representative Assembly

Proposals which will encourage and improve Girl Scouting within the Council and which need to be acted upon by the Assembly may originate with the Board of Directors or with the Representatives.  The Board Representative Committee (BRC) is responsible for overseeing the process of proposal submission and review.  The necessary forms for submitting a proposal can be found in the Appendix Section of this manual or online at  The process is as follows:

1. Proposals from the Board of Directors
    a. The Board of Directors may originate proposals which are submitted to the BRC for processing.
    b. The BRC will:
        i. Coordinate input from the Representative Assembly
        ii. Analyze the input
        iii. Submit recommendations based on the input to the Board.
2. Proposals from the Representatives
    a. Preliminary Proposal
        i. Any representative may originate a proposal for consideration.
        ii. Complete a Preliminary Proposal Form that provides information about the policy change that is desired and the justification for the change.
        iii. Submit the completed form to the BRC.  Allow at least 60 days for the form to be processed.  Note:  This is in addition to the 90 days required for the Official Proposal process.
iv. The BRC shall submit all proposals to the Board of Directors for consideration.
              1. Proposals related to council operations will be forwarded to the council Chief Executive Officer (CEO) via the Chair of the Board of Directors.
              2. On governance related proposals, the BRC will:
                  a. Verify that the Board’s policies and strategic priorities are reflected in the proposal.
                  b. Determine if the preliminary proposal has merit to proceed to the formal process.
                  c. Provide the Board with information and recommendations related to the proposals.
              3. The Board shall determine if the proposal relates to matters properly acted upon by the Assembly.  If so, the proposal shall be approved for submission to the Assembly via the official proposal process.
              4. The BRC will notify the representative who originated the preliminary proposal whether or not to proceed to the official process.
   b. Official Proposal
        i. Once the preliminary proposal has been accepted, the Representative originating the proposal must complete an Official Proposal Form.
              1. This form requires the proposal be written in the form of a motion and provide justification for the motion.
              2. The Representative must obtain approval of the proposal from 15% of the service units.
        ii. Proposal is sent by mail, e-mail, or fax to the BRC c/o the council office.  Supporting documentation, including letters of support from other units or individuals, should be included with the proposal document.
       iii. The BRC shall submit all proposals to the Board of Directors for consideration.
              1. Proposals related to council operations shall be forwarded to the council CEO via the Chair of the Board of Directors.
              2. On governance related proposals, the BRC shall:
                  a. Forward the motion to the Representative Assembly Members and Coordinate input from the Representative Assembly.
                  b. Analyze the input
                  c. Submit recommendations to the Board based on the input.
       iv. Each proposal is presented in the form of a motion at the Assembly meeting and acted on in accordance with parliamentary law.
3. Timeline
    a. Preliminary Proposal Forms will be processed by the BRC within 60 days of receipt. Preliminary Proposal Forms will not be processed in lieu of an Official Proposal Form.
    b. Official Proposal Forms are submitted to the BRC only after the Preliminary Proposal Form is accepted.  The Official Proposal Form must be submitted no later than 90 days prior to the Assembly meeting.
    c. Proposals not meeting this timeline will not be considered at the Assembly meeting.
    d. All proposals shall be sent to the Representatives 30 days prior to a scheduled meeting of the Assembly with their Representative packet.  Proposals shall be discussed in service unit meetings prior to the meeting of the Assembly.

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Representative Contact Information

We understand that you may be interested in knowing who the other Representative Assembly members are, but because the list is constantly changing and for confidentiality reasons, we are not posting the contact information on the web site.  If you need contact information for the purposes of sharing information or discussing potential proposals, please email us at

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For more information please call the council office at (800) 322-4475 or (916) 452-9181 or e-mail us at

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