Forever Green Day

Council Stories

The individuals below have made a lasting impact in their community. Whether they have impacted their daughter, troop members, or peers they have proven that they have made a difference.

Please take time to look through the honorees below and appreciate the great ways they have instilled courage, confidence and character in the lives of girls.

2012 Forever Green Stories

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Past Forever Green Stories

Alison, Granite Hills
Service Team

Chloe & Kelly

Anayla, Troop 111

Stephanie, Troop 1637

Stephanie's Story

For Forever Green Day I am surprising my Girl Scout Daisy with a special "green treat" at school. They love surprises! I have asked all of them to wear GREEN to our regular scheduled meeting, which is on the following day, October 7th, so that I can get lots of pictures of them showing their love of Girl Scouts and support for the community! At our meeting they will be putting the final touches on their community service project of throwing a birthday party for disadvantaged children through the volunteer program "Project Birthday,"  which is on October 14th.

So, dressed beautifully in their GREEN my girls will be busy working with each other taking action to make the world a better place! FOREVER GIRL SCOUTS... FOREVER GREEN!

Kristy's Story

Troop 153 has kicked this year off by helping our community by cleaning up trash around our school and neighborhoods. We have also been working on a recycling project to help make our world a better place. The girls have demonstrated their knowledge and excitement by going above and beyond troop meeting participation activities by continuing recycling and picking up trash. These Daisy's rock! They have even expressed their desire to expand their efforts by adding more recycled items and developing new areas that might need some extra TLC.

Rechelle's Story

Here is a picture of me and my best girlfriend when we were Girl Scout Brownies in Antioch, CA.  We loved selling Girl Scout Cookies- and I remember that we would load up our wagons and canvass the whole neighborhood.  One year my dad was the troop cookie dad- and we had Girl Scout Cookies stacked to the rafters of our garage.  Mary and I were big sellers that year- and we should have earned the snail patch with the “diamond” eye, but my dad felt that we should all share in the wealth- and have everyone earn a patch.  So needless to say, Mary and I did not get the diamond patch that year, but the whole troop did earn a smaller prize.  A good lesson at a young age- but I still bring up that story whenever I want to get my dad’s goat!

I am proud that I was a Girl Scout- and that I still am a Girl Scout.  I am proud that my daughter is   still in scouting as a high school freshman, and that my boys are Eagle scouts.  My family dedicates most of our free time to scouting, and I know that my children are better people because of it!

Alison's Story

Granite Hills Service Unit has chosen to do a Neighborhood Service Project. We are going to be cleaning-up at Folsom Lake Beale's Point, and wearing our Girl Scout green.

Chloe and Kelly

Two Girl Scout Junior ....Chloe and Kelly walked to school today with the rest of their classmates. They celebrated Green Week at school and will be GS Friends forever!






Anayla's Story

Anayla is wearing green today and has packed her lunch using reusable lunch containers.  Anayla has also passed out green Frankenstein erasers to her class mates and let them know that today is Forever Green day, and ways we all can take part. The erasers are for reminders to erase your mistakes on the paper instead of getting a new piece.  Reuse and Recycle.

Stephanie's Story

My first experience with Girl Scouts was as a Girl Scout Brownie in the late 1970s. I remember meetings at houses, hikes and making smore's! I continued with Girls Scouts until 4th grade, then we moved and I never was able to reconnect with a new troop. When my daughter entered kindergarten in 2009 I went to her school trying to locate a troop, wanting her to have some of the wonderful memories I had from my Girl Scout days. That was the first time I heard of the Daisies! I was told there was no troop and was asked "would you mind starting one?" to which I replied "sure!" not knowing what it entailed at all (smile).

The past year of my life as a Daisy Girl Scout Leader has been life changing, life empowering - full of tremendous hard work, planning, fun, smiles and laughs.  I started off agreeing to lead a troop out of love for my daughter, little did I know that I would gain 14 additional Daisy Daughters that I also love tremendously! They will bridge to Brownies in 2011 and already the girls and their parents have said to me "you are staying with us right?" Of course!! My dream is that our troop will stay together for years to come through all the levels of Girl Scouts. I simply cannot imagine life NOT being a Girl Scout Troop leader, and as long as Girl Scouts will have me, I will serve in this role with enthusiasm, joy and honor.

Today the girls wore their green to school and enjoyed the GREEN cupcakes that I surprised them with! It was messy, fun - perfect GIRL SCOUT FUN!

Debbie's Story

I was a Girl Scout Brownie in the early 1970s.  I remember loving it; cookies, outings, friends, and even the uniform!  We moved when I was in 4th grade and I wasn’t able to be a Girl Scout anymore.  I was so disappointed. 

In 2007, I started a new troop for my daughter who was going into 2nd grade at the time.  Little did I know that even though I started this troop to be with my daughter I have developed a whole new family within our Girl Scout Troop.  I have made so many new friends; the parents and the girls are like extended family to me.  What a blessing! 

Tonight at our Girl Scout meeting, we discussed how we are going to do the Bronze Award Project.  The girls are so excited and can’t wait to begin.  I am really proud of them for thinking of others and wanting to give some much.  They have such sweet and kind hearts!   

 I have been a Boy Scout and Girl Scout leader for most of my adult life and I just love it!  I love getting to know these kids and watching them grow into wonderful, young people.  I joined Boy Scouts to be with my husband and Girl Scouts to be with my daughter but I have to say that I personally have grown so much from my Scouting experiences over the years.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything…Scouting is at the heart of my family!  Together we can make a difference!!

Troop 4024's Story

Daisy troop 4024 celebrated Forever Green Day by wearing green and learning about recycling.








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